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I help leaders, entrepreneurs and organisations create an amazing future.

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Be future ready

The future is coming…fast. Technological change is exponential...and mind-blowing. At the same time the world is facing massive existential and moral challenges.

As a business leader or entrepreneurial thinker, you know that you and your enterprise need to respond…. and quickly. Or you’ll be left behind.

But it’s hard to keep up… to recognise, understand and adapt to all the change needed to survive and thrive.


Fearlessly transform yourself

Despite the challenges, there is huge potential in the convergence of human empathy, creativity, and drive, and the latest technologies, for you to do something amazing.

To not only transform yourself and your organisation - but at the same time to transform our community.

To impact our world for good.

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Create your amazing future

As an expert with more than 25 years’ experience in creativity and innovation across a range of industries, I can educate, inspire, connect and empower you and your teams into action.

I help you:

  • Update your knowledge on current technologies, practices, and trends - so you’ll understand the implications and opportunities for your organisation or project
  • Unleash your creativity and transform your thinking - to solve problems and see opportunities for growth
  • Connect with like-minded forward thinkers - to find game-changing collaborators
  • Plan and take practical steps - so you’ll fearlessly start working on your amazing future immediately.

Whatever the type, size or stage of your organisation – or if you’re flying solo - I can tailor a development program for your specific challenges, goals and dreams.

Plus, I’ll show you how your projects can have positive global impact.

Start today. Contact me to see how I can help you create your amazing future.

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My Services

How I help you transform yourself and your organisation


About Me

When we open our hearts and minds, all things become possible. I love being the catalyst to help turn your impossible into possible.

I’m a second generation Australian, from a line of Greek entrepreneurs including my grandfather who arrived in Australia at 15 and left the inspirational legacy of the nation’s favourite sweets – Violet Crumble and the Choc-Top ice-cream.

Innovation is in my blood. And I’m an idealist and eternal optimist. I see wonderful opportunities in responding to change.

I have had a successful and varied career in creativity and innovation, creating bespoke programs to move ideation to action in organisations. 

I look forward to meeting you.

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Innovation mentor Christina Gerakiteysys


Christina is an Entrepreneurial Futurist and Business Accelerator. Her deep expertise is matched by unrivalled passion. Well respected, and trusted throughout Australia, Christina identified the need for entrepreneurship and innovation leadership ten years before others in Australia. She is a gifted mentor who can future proof your business.
Louise Karch
I recently attended a UtopiaX week-long 'retreat' in the Hunter Valley which was, without doubt, one of the best education experiences of my life.
Andy Sutton
General Manager of Advanced Analytics, Endeavour Group
I must admit I see many things through a different lens since the course earlier this year and it has fundamentally changed my perspective and awareness on a number of big questions! I am presenting my moonshot idea to a few of the exec in a fews weeks, it has been a slow start but I still think this is something that will make a fundamental to our business so I hope to get some support and buy in to pursue it in a more fundamental way.
Karly Georgiou
Head of Merchandise Transformation, Endeavour Group

Let's discuss how I can help you prepare for your amazing future

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My Focus Areas


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Inspiring Creativity and Innovation: Moonshot Thinking

Moonshot Thinking

Moonshot thinking has inspired innovation throughout history. To create, we need to imagine, then execute. Our potential is unlimited.

Moonshot thinking is about opening the mind up to possibility.

Breaking or moving the boundaries that we set ourselves.

Making what seems impossible, possible.

I’m fascinated by the complexity of the human brain and the wonder of human creativity.

How improvisation and play can release you from ego and allow ideas to flow.

How science is finding or confirming ways we can encourage ourselves and our organisations to change our thinking and our actions.

Work with me to change mindsets.

Christina with virtual reality headset

Exponential and Converging Technologies

Exponential and Converging Technologies

We are currently in what is being called the 4th Industrial Revolution. When rapidly evolving technologies are merging or interacting across the physical, digital, and biological spaces.

I am astonished by how these technologies are being used to impact the world for good.

However, we must ensure our human values stay at the forefront when we develop and use them.

- AI
- Robotics
- Biotechnology
- Blended/Extended/Augmented or Virtual reality
- Autonomous vehicles
- Nanotechnology
- Quantum computing
- 3D printing
- Internet of things

And much, much more...

Learn how technologies could help your enterprise thrive.

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Ethics and Governance: Keeping Human Values at the Centre

Ethics and Governance: Keeping Human Values at the Centre

How can our organisations truly reflect the ‘goods’ we as individuals really value?

Ensuring the way we run our enterprises is in tune with our greater human values, is no longer a nice to have – it’s essential.

As well as the great challenge of climate change, there are other moral issues organisations need to address.

We can no longer ignore our responsibility for the harmful effects certain business practices or technologies have on communities and individuals at home or at a distance.

We are being asked to take a stand, to not be bystanders to injustices. To be the change we want to see in the world. 

So, how do we embed true values-driven behaviour throughout an organisation? How do we predict potential unintended consequences of our activities? Are Chief Ethics Officers the way to go?

I am on a path of continuous learning. I share those learnings with you.

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Better Together: Connecting to Individual and Collective Purpose

Better Together: Connecting to Individual and Collective Purpose

The energy and positivity you release when you discover your personal or organisational purpose is immense. Suddenly everything makes sense. You feel passionate and integrated, and your way forward is clearer.

The power amps up when you connect your purpose into a higher collective purpose.

The United Nations’
17 Global Sustainable Development Goals are a visionary challenge to all sectors of our community to contribute to creating a better planet. One where no one is left behind.

I am excited by how individuals and organisations can use their unique skills and knowledge to collaborate and solve these global challenges.

I challenge you to join in.

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